PROCUREMENT AUDIT TRAINING (27th – 29th March, 2019)




Procurement plays a critical role in every organization’s (private or public) ability to meet its goals and objectives, yet it also constitutes a high-risk function. Procurement constitutes a significant proportion of gross national product and overall expenditure in all countries. It is central to the efficient delivery of services as well as infrastructure and has been identified as “sine qua non” for good governance. The procurement of projects (goods, works and services) is a function which involves series of processes, hence prone to abuse.


This course has been packaged to enhance the capacity of participants in assessing procurement operations for regularity i.e. compliance with the Public Procurement Act/Law and in verifying achievement of “value for money”. It will also enable them to assess the risks inherent in the procurement function, the strategic alliances that are often made, the information systems used, the management processes it affects and the bidding, contractor/consultant selection and contracting processes.


Specifically, by the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Detect and avoid the risks in every stage of the procurement processes.
  • Ensure that every procurement complies with legal requirements of

competition; thereby preventing lawsuits from tenderers

  • Understand the roles of BPP and the anti-graft agencies in Procurement


  • Determine achievement of “value for money” in Procurement operations.
  • Prevent and detect the risk of Fraud and corruption in the procurement


  • Analyse organizational context, systems and procedures for:
  1. Segregation of functions, internal procurement planning and approval processes
  2. Assessment of risk at each step of the procurement process including those related to the choice of contract type and supervision of contract performance.



Module 1:    Introduction to Procurement Audit and Types of Procurement Audit

Module 2:    Identification of Risk Areas in Procurement of Goods, Works & Services

Module 3:    Principles for Best           Procurement Audit Arrangement

Module 4:    Development of the Audit objectives and Audit Plan

Module 5:    Checklist for Field Procurement Audit

Module 6:    Procurement Audit: Roles of BPP, ICPC and EFCC

Module 7:    Practical Class/Case Review

Module 8:  Assessment Test

Module9:      Group Photographs/Award of Certificates



Officers in Procurement, Finance/Accounts, Audit, Administration and Project Departments

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